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Volunteers for nutrition study

We are looking for volunteers for a study on the health effects of compounds present in foods of vegetal origin. – Volunteers should be aged 40-70 and exhibit overweight or obesity (BMI, 26-40 kg/m2) – They must have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, being under treatment with metformin. – They cannot suffer cardiovascular diseases […]

Paper Invitation: NUTRIENTS, special Issue “Carotenoid Biomarkers of Dietary Exposure and Nutritional Status”

Cartel de Carotenoid biomarkers of dietary exposure and nutritional status

As the Guest Editor of Special Issue below, I would like to invite you to collaborate as a contributor author in Special Issue of the journal Nutrients entitled “Carotenoid Biomarkers of Dietary Exposure and Nutritional Status”. The newly Impact Factor (IF) for Nutrients increased from 5.717 to 6.706 (Journal Citation Report, 2021 Edition). Nutrients now […]

ICTAN participates in the FERMENTATION 2022 International Congress

PIMENTO is the COST ACTION “Promoting Innovation of fermented foods” (2021-2025) with the participation of ICTAN members. PIMENTO CA20128 at a glance in the International Conference Fermentation 2022: Science met the culinary arts in Chicago at the first in-person conference of The Fermentation Association (TFA). Participation of over 200 food and beverage professionals from 15 […]

Miguel Hernández University summer course

Presentación curso UMH 2022

The summer course “Current challenges in agriculture and biotechnology for food production” will be held in Orihuela (Alicante), from June 27th to July 1st. The course is framed within Miguel Hérnández University summer activities and it is supported by the Spanish Researcher Association. Its aims are, among others, to show the main chalenges food production […]

H2020, V-Place Project

The European project “The V-Place – Enabling consumer choice in Vegan or Vegetarian food products”, financed by EIT-Food in which 6 institutions from 5 European countries have participated (Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland) being CSIC the Spanish partner. As part of this project, dissemination articles, blog entries, qualitative and quantitative surveys, presentations for congresses and a […]

Red peppers storaged in the refrigerator for 3 weeks: changes in texture and carotenoid content

Today’s consumption patterns are characterized by periodical purchases of food and longer food storage periods which could have a negative effect on nutrients and other healthy components. Specifically in red peppers (Lamuyo variety), researchers from the CSIC (ICTAN and SGAI) and the Faculty of Pharmacy-UCM studied the effect of their conservation for 3 weeks in […]

NUTRIENTS – 2020 travel award for junior scientists

We are pleased to announce that NUTRIENTS will be awarding 2020 Travel Award for junior scientists. One winner will be selected from each section in Nutrients, including 13 sections in total. The applications will be assessed by an Evaluation Committee consisting of senior scholars from the Nutrients Editorial Board. Candidate Requirements: – Postdoctoral fellows or […]

Association between macromolecular antioxidants and intestinal microbiota

Imagen Publicación Jara

European Journal of Nutrition has published an observational study showing  the association between the intake of macromolecular antioxidants and intestinal microbiota profile by the first time. During last years, many studies have pointed out the importance of a balanced intestinal microbiota in reducing the risk of various chronic diseases, which in turn has increased interest […]