ICTAN participates in the FERMENTATION 2022 International Congress

PIMENTO is the COST ACTION “Promoting Innovation of fermented foods” (2021-2025) with the participation of ICTAN members.

PIMENTO CA20128 at a glance in the International Conference Fermentation 2022:

  • Science met the culinary arts in Chicago at the first in-person conference of The Fermentation Association (TFA).
  • Participation of over 200 food and beverage professionals from 15 countries connected science and industry.
  • Nearly 50 experts and thought leaders presented a data-to-date panorama of scientific approaches and coming consumer’ tendencies.
  • The conference revolved around three tracks: i) food, flavor and culture; ii) science and health; and iii) business, legal and regulatory.
  • Juana Frias, vice-chair of PIMENTO gave a key-note about the activities of PIMENTO and showed European opportunities of collaboration.
  • Neal Vitale, executive director of The Fermentation Association: “It was a privilege to have a stellar lineup of speakers. It was great to get together at last and explore so many aspects of fermentation.”