About us

The Institute of Food Science, Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN) is a Research Centre of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) based in Madrid.

ICTAN was created in 2010 from the restructuring of the institutes of the Food Science and Technology Area of the CSIC located in the Autonomous Community of Madrid: the extinct Institute of Industrial Fermentations and the Institute of Refrigeration.

The main objective of ICTAN is to carry out innovative and quality scientific and technological research to produce, package and preserve safe and healthy foods that meet society’s current demands regarding sustainability, and their effect on the population’s nutrition and health. All this by establishing scientific evidence on the physiological effects of food, its constituents and by-products on health and disease prevention. These characteristics make ICTAN a benchmark research centre for establishing collaborations with national and international research groups, training students and new professionals and transferring the knowledge acquired to industry and society.

The quality and rigour of the scientific research and technological development activities carried out at ICTAN are reflected in the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification, certified for all of the Institute’s activities with the scope “The management and execution of research projects and contracts in the area of food science and technology and nutrition”.

Governing Structure

  • Director: Juana Frías Arevalillo
  • Scientific Deputy Director: Begoña de Ancos Siguero
  • Technical Deputy Director: Pilar Moreno Herrera
  • Contact: direccion.ictanarrobacsic.es
  • Director: Juana Frías Arevalillo (Board president)
  • Scientific Deputy Director: Begoña de Ancos Siguero
  • Technical Deputy Director: Pilar Moreno Herrera
  • Manager: Sonia Molina Molina (Boardsecretary)
  • Head of Characterization, Quality and Safety Department: Mª Teresa Sanchez Ballesta
  • Head of Nutrition and Metabolism Department: Sonia Ramos Rivero
  • Head of Processes Department: Blanca de las Rivas González del Rey
  • Head of Products Department: Joaquín Gómez Estaca
  • Personnel representative: Belén Zapatera García
  • Personnel representative: Mª Dolores Álvarez Torres
  • Personnel representative: Elvira López Caballero
  • Personnel representative: Ignacio Jesús Escudero Abad

The Scientific Board is constituted by:

a) Director acting as President.

b) Research staff possessing a doctoral degree.