New project “NutriLecturas en tu barrio” brings science to your neighborhood.

Equipo de NutriLecturas en tu barrio ICTAN

On September 15th, ICTAN hold the launching meeting of the project “NutriLecturas en tu barrio” (NutriLecturas in your neighborhood).

This project aims to promote a new way to discover science by general public and to enjoy reading, through open book clubs of scientific dissemination texts at some Madrid neighbourhoods. NutriLecturas en tu barrio , coordinated by Dr. Jara Perez from ICTAN, is funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT)- Ministry of Science and Innovation among the last call for funding scientific dissemination projects. The four selected books deal with hot topics in nutrition and food, are published by La Catarata/ Editorial CSIC and are written by CSIC researchers. These writers, eight ICTAN researchers, four Madrid Municipal Public Libraries and four Municipal Community Health Centers of Madrid (Madrid Salud) constitute the project team.

Registration in the clubs is made by sending a message to