Miguel Hernández University summer course

Presentación curso UMH 2022

The summer course “Current challenges in agriculture and biotechnology for food production” will be held in Orihuela (Alicante), from June 27th to July 1st. The course is framed within Miguel Hérnández University summer activities and it is supported by the Spanish Researcher Association. Its aims are, among others, to show the main chalenges food production is currently affording, as well as to discover and evaluate several food myths. Course teachers come from different universities and rearcher centres, including ICTAN researchers Mª Ángeles Martín and Jara Pérez.

More information: https://umh.es/contenido/Estudios/:tit_fpo_13061/datos_es.html

Contact: amartina@ictan.csic.es / jara.perez@ictan.csic.es