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The Meat and Meat Products group engages essentially in research on both basic/applied science and technological applications designed to improve the quality and safety of meat and meat products, and also on the development of healthier meat products

Research Lines

  • Development of potentially functional meat products.
  • Quality and safety of meat products and valorization of meat and meat products.
  • Chemical, physical and structural changes in components and properties of meat products.
  • Application of traditional and emerging technologies to meat products.


  • The group pursues consolidated lines of scientific and technological research within the framework of nationally- and internationally-funded projects, in cooperation with various different research groups, which have produced numerous SCI publications. We also engage in technology transfer through projects with various industrial sectors. We do a great deal of training of research and technical personnel, directing doctoral theses and national and international students/scientists. We should also note the group’s international dimension, as evidenced through various activities (projects, hosting research, etc.).


  • Procedimiento de obtención de productos cárnicos saludables con algas.
  • Author(s): Susana Cofrades Barbero, Inés López López, Claudia Ruiz-Capillas Pérez, Francisco Jiménez Colmenero.
  • Number: P201030390.
  • Date: 2010.
  • Licensed: No.


Scientific Personnel:

Technical personnel:



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