CaRed: Spanish Carotenoid Network – from microbia and plants to food and health.

CaRed network (BIO2015-71703-REDT) is coordinated by Manuel Rodríguez-Concepción (CRAG-CSIC). Begoña Olmedilla-Alonso, from the department of Metabolism and Nutrition (ICTAN-CSIC) participates in the network along with researchers from IATA-CSIC (Valencia), IG-CSIC (Sevilla) and from Univierties o Lérida, Baleares islands, Castilla-La mancha and Seville.
Develop a novel global vision of the carotenoid field, ranging from biosynthesis to biological activity in humans.
Raise public awareness of the great potential of carotenoids to improve food quality and health.
– Molecular and genetic tools to study the genes and proteins involved in (1) the biosynthesis, degradation and storage of carotenoids in plants and fungi, and in (2) the regulation of these processess.
– Biotechnological tolos to manipulate endogenous pathways for carotenoid biosynthesis, degradation and storage.
– Analytical equipment and know-how to characterize the carotenoid profile of plant-derived food and feed products.
– Methods to assess carotenoid bioavailability, bioaccesibility, and impact on health-related parameters in vivo.

Contact: Begoña Olmedilla BOlmedillaarrobalocalhost

CaRed: Spanish Carotenoid Network
CaRed: Spanish Carotenoid Network