ICTAN’s research project granted with the Manuel de Oya 2015 fellowship

Young researcher Ana Maria Torres has been granted one of the two Manuel de Oya 2015 fellowships to develop the study “Molecular mechanisms of action of beer polyphenols on obesity and non-alcoholic liver disease”
The research will be supervised by Professor Laura Bravo Clemente, from the Department of Metabolism and Nutrition at the Institute of Food Science, Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN-CSIC). The project will investigate whether beer polyphenols have a protective effect in liver as antioxidants and modulating the synthesis and accumulation of fat in the liver cells, thus protecting against non-alcoholic liver disease. The potential antiobesity effect of beer polyphenols blocking fat accumulation in preadipocytes and their differentiation in adipocytes will also be studied. The final objective of the project is to assess the effect of beer on fat metabolism in the liver and adipose tissue contributing with new knowledge on the mechanisms of action of this functional drink in obesity and liver disease.
After 16 years supporting science, Manuel de Oya Fellowships grant 36,000 euros to fund the work and compromise of Spanish young scientists with researcher.




Contact: lbravoarrobalocalhost