Method for removing Anisakis antigens from, and detecting antigens in food for human or animal consumption

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The present patented nvention (ES 2 340 978 B1) relates to a method for removing fish parasite allergens from, and detecting said allergens in, samples of food for human or animal consumption. According to the invention, for removal purposes, various types of fresh or processed fish are subjected to steps comprising the application of low-ionic-strength solutions, homogenization, sonication and the use of different pH levels.

Detection is based on immunochemical methods using polyclonal antibodies that allow detection of antigenic proteins of the parasite and also polyclonal antibodies that allow detection of the Ani s 4 allergen, which, on account of the physicochemical characteristics thereof, resists the heat treatment of the food. The method is sensitive since it enables the detection of Ani s 4 in quantities below 1 ppm, with recovery rates greater than 65%. Moreover, the method is specific, as no cross-reactivity with components of the various matrices tested has been demonstrated.

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