Estimation of acrylamide exposure of Spanish boys consuming a traditional diet

Grafico ingesta acrilamida

Researchers from the team of Quality, Safety and Bioactivity of thermally processed foods (Biomaillard) at ICTAN-CSIC and in collaboration with researchers from EEZ-CSIC and University of Granada have estimated the exposure to the toxic acrylamide in a group of boys (males, 11-14 age, n=20) consuming a traditional diet within 14 days. Acrylamide monomer is processing contaminant which is naturally formed during cooking and food processing, especially in carbohydrate rich. Acrylamide has been settled as probably carcinogenic to humans. The acrylamide total intake was estimated at 0.534 µg/kg body weight/day, where breakfast represents the 12%, afternoon snack the 6%, lunch the 46% and dinner the 36%. In addition, the results indicate consumption of a balanced and traditional diet, besides the known beneficial effects on health, can also moderate acrylamide exposure and thus its possible long-term toxicological effects.



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Grafico ingesta acrilamida