A researcher from ICTAN, selected to attend ENLP Advanced Seminar

The selection committee of the European Nutrition Advanced Leadership Programme has included Dr Jara Perez-Jimenez, from the Department of Metabolism and Nutrition of the ICTAN, among the 10 European Nutrition researchers selected to attend the 3rd ENLP Advanced Seminar.

ENLP, a core leadership group comprising of academia, food industry and not for profit organisations started to organize a yearly seminar for young researchers in nutrition 20 years ago. Since 2012, ENLP also organizes an Advanced Seminar, orientated towards researchers with more experience in nutrition. The 3rd ENLP Advanced Seminar will be held from 9 to13 April in Luxembourg.


Jara Pérez-Jiménez, jara.perezarrobalocalhost

Imagen ENLP Advanced_12-3-14