PROMETHEUS Consortium meeting (EU-7FP-KBBE)

On November 28th, ICTAN, through the research group CHEMPROFOOD, hosted the seventh consortium meeting of the European granted project PROMETHEUS.

PROMETHEUS is a European consortium of 14 partners from academia, research, technological centers, associations and industries form the agrofood sector, which are leading the investigation on mitigation strategies of process contaminants.

PROMETHEUS has the objective to help the European food industry to reduce consumer exposure to undesirable compounds formed during food processing without affecting food quality or reducing microbiological safety. Several foods processing technologies have been investigated, vacuum baking, high hydrostatic pressure treatment, ohmic heating, and microencapsulation of heat-labile ingredients. In addition, in-line analytical techniques have been developed to monitor the formation of such undesirable food-born compounds.

For further information contact to the project responsible, Francisco Morales (fjmoralesarrobalocalhost)

Prometheus attendees on november 28 madrid
Prometheus attendees on november 28 madrid