Digital technologies, sensory analysis, meat and derivatives

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Research group born with the purpose of implementing emerging digital technologies in the field of food research. These technologies will be primarily used as a support tool for sensory and consumer analysis techniques in the development of more sustainable and healthier meat and derivative products, but with the idea of also using them in other areas (such as characterization or safety) and products (not only meat and derivatives). Within these digital technologies are Industry 4.0 technologies such as mixed reality, biometric devices, or complex data analysis (such as multivariate analysis).


  • Implementing the use of emerging digital technologies in food research.
  • Advancing the use of sensory and consumer analysis as fundamental methodologies in the design and development of new products.
  • Developing healthier and more sustainable meat and derivative products.
  • Utilising open science digital technologies in research.
Logotipo del grupo de investigación DIGISEN




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