Lineas de investigacion

Research Line 2 – Quality, safety and valorization of traditional and functional foods and ingredients

The ultimate goal of the activities undertaken in this research line is to diversify the supply of ingredients and foods of high quality, ensuringtheir biotic and abiotic safety. The needs ofspecific population groups with food allergies/intolerances, consumers preferences in terms of organoleptic properties and processed foods(ready-to-eat, ready-to use, tailor-made foods), as well as the potential beneficialhealth effects of foods are considered as well.

This is the broadest and most diverse of the three research lines of the ICTAN Strategic Plan and deals with different aspects related to:

  • Study of food constituents, their modification and interaction during processing and conservation.
  • Development of ingredients and co-products with potential biological and technological functionality.
  • Design and development of products and foods.

To achieve these objectives, innovative methods for extraction, analysis and characterization of foods and ingredients are applied, as well as modern, environmentally-friendly technologies for food processing and storage .Also, sustainable use of agriculturalresources is sought by enhancing the value of by-products andco-products.

Research Line 2 is divided into five sublines:


Search for and application of bioactive compounds from agro-food surplus and by-products


Interactions and modifications of food constituents.Biotic and abiotic quality and safety


Design, recovery and innovation of safe, healthy and tailor-made fishery and aquaculture products


Meat and meat products: development of safe, high quality functional products


Physiological and molecular characterization of vegetable products