Unidades de Apoyo a la Investigación

Maintenance & Infrastructure Service Unit (USMI)



Its objective is the maintenance of ICTAN’s facilities and infrastructures

The Unity is divided into three parts:

  • General Services
  • Pilot Plant
  • Refrigeration / Cooling / freezing system  & Controlled atmospheres


The ICTAN, through the USMI, has a number of unique facilities to allow internal and external clients to carry out tests and experiments:

  • Refrigeration installations made up of multiple programmable conservation and freezing chambers, equipped with temperature and humidity probes to control the evolution of the temperature of the products or raw materials stored in them, the humidity of the chambers, etc. Computer aided installation for monitoring, programming and control of experimental conditions.
  • The Pilot Plant has facilities and workspaces necessary for the preparation, development and study of products derived from fishing, livestock and agriculture. It has 67 semi-industrial pieces of equipment, including various types of packaging machines, contact, high-speed and cryogenic freezers, ovens, homogenizers, extruders, bioreactors and everything necessary for food processing.
  • Clean rooms for handling agri-food products under controlled conditions (positive pressure and low temperature).
These USMI unique facilities are included within the ICTAN Quality Management System (QMS) certified under the ISO 9001:2015 standard.