Service Units of Radiological Protection and Radioactive Facility



ICTAN is provided with a 3rd-Category Radioactive Installation authorized by the General Directorate of Industry and Energy with reference IRA-CSN-1884. The Radiological Protection Service is always linked to an authorized Radioactive Facility. The final purpose of the service is to ensure that all the activities will be carried out with optimal security and protection and within the established regulations. To this end, this Service performs the actions necessary to direct, manage, operate and guarantee the mandatory safety conditions to the exposed personnel in the Radioactive Facility.

The main functions of the Unit are:

  • To control the use of radioactive material and equipment that generates ionizing radiation at the ICTAN and the use of the facilities, means and instruments of prevention and protection.
  • To manage radioactive waste: controlling the production and conditioning of radioactive waste at the production sources and the administrative procedures and supervision of the radioactive waste management.
  • To provide specific training and information to the exposed personnel and guidance on the use of radioactive material and safety conditions.
  • To ensure compliance with Laws, Regulations and Standards issued by competent bodies (CSN, ENRESA, Ministry of Industry, Madrid Region), in particular the Regulation on Health Protection against Ionizing Radiation RD 783/2001 and RD1439/2010.


The Radioactive Installation of ICTAN provides the means, facilities, equipment and adequate staff for the realization of radioactive assays for investigation. Additionally, this unit also offers:

  • Technical advice on radiation protection to users.
  • Advice and support in the implementation of new practices by the evaluation of the necessary requirements and the radiological hazards.


  • María Ángeles Martín Arribas (Supervisor)
  • Miguel Ángel Martínez Bartolomé (Supervisor)