Lineas de investigacion

Minerals in human metabolism and nutrition (MINERALES)



Increase scientific knowledge about the role of ingested minerals in the prevention of chronic diseases, as well as the influence of consuming other food components on mineral and bone metabolism; to validate the efficacy of functional foods in humans; to support and advise companies and various organizations; to trainpredoctoral, scientific and technical personnel;and to disseminate scientific knowledge.

Research Lines

  • Minerals and chronic diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, etc)
  • Nutritional status of vegetarians
  • Minerals in lipid metabolism and bone metabolism
  • Validation of the efficacy of functional foods in humans
  • Nutrigenomics: genetic-nutrition-disease interaction related to mineral metabolism


  • Carry out medium duration or long term nutritional intervention studies in humans with a large number of volunteers.
  • Carry out absorption and bioavailability studies in humans.
  • Assessment of dietary intake (foods and nutrients)
  • Identification of genetic variants associated with risk markers for mulifactorial diseases.
  • Blood and urine hematological and biochemical analyses
  • Use of various techniques of spectophotometry, radioimmunoassay and enzyme immunoassay.


Group Leader:



  • 91 549 23 00 ext. 231213


Minerals, Humans, Functional, Metabolism, Nutrition, Nutrigenomics


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