Grupo de Investigación FoodCRYOPHYS

Group of Biophysical Approaches to Food, Food Processing and Preservation (FoodCRYOPHYS)



Study of interesting questions in Food Sciences through Biophysics techniques and methods. Physical aspects such as food and biological systems behavior under low temperature and high pressure are specially considered. This is, by nature, a group with interdisciplinary vocation, both in the questions considered and in the methodology employed. Being a small and emergent group, a good part of its activity is based in collaborative relations.

Research Lines

  • Ice crystal dynamics and glassy state in low-water content systems
  • Native and high hydrostatic pressure modified polysaccharides characterization (starch, cellulose, chitosan)
  • Proteins and enzymes at high pressure
  • Identification, quantification and controlled delivery of natural antioxidants


  • Identification, characterization and design of applications of cryoactive and ice crystal formation and growth modulator substances.
  • Study of the effect of physical and chemical treatments on food microstructure and related properties.
  • Vehiculization of nutritional and pharmaceutical interest substances (oligoelements, antioxidants) through matrices built of polysaccharides. Natural antioxidant characterization.
  • Proteins and enzymes at high pressure
  • Development and characterization of food products based on polysaccharides.
  • Design of high hydrostatic pressure processes to induce food modifications or to eliminate parasitic or microbiological risks.


  • Título no disponible por secreto industrial. Número de solicitud:4754/2019 16/12/2019. Inventores: Molina García, A.D., Rupérez Antón, P.


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cryopreservation, high pressure, polysaccharide, microscopy, calorimetry, functional foods


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FEDER projects

Improvement of the prebiotic functionality in agrofood byproducts by simultaneous treatment with hydrolytic enzymes and high hydrostatic

Main Researcher: M. P. Rúperez and A. D. Molina / Start Date: 12/30/2016 / End Date: 12/31/2020 / Institution: AEI/ERDF, EU / Reference number: AGL2016-77056-R
Research Group: Group of Biophysical Approaches to Food, Food Processing and Preservation (FoodCRYOPHYS)