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Department of Meat and Fishery Products (DPRD)

The Department of Meat and Fishery Products (DPRD) is part of the research line of the ICTAN’s strategic plan: Quality, Security and Valorisation of Foods and Traditional and Functional Ingredients. In the DPRD is carried out oriented and basic research and technological studies, both of pre-competitive character as requested by Industry.

The activity of the Department stated in the following research lines:

  • Improvement of the quality and safety of meat and fishery products through combined technologies (modified atmosphere, high pressure, cold smoking, etc…).
  • Development of potentially functional meat and fish products [gelling technologies and adding ingredients (glucomannan, etc.) and additives].
  • Study of the implications of chemical changes, physical and structural properties in meat products.
  • Preparation of fat analogous in meat products.
  • Valorisation of meat products.
  • Recovery of seafood by-products and by-catch.
  • Development of methods to avoid melanosis in crustaceans.
  • Obtainment of collagen and gelatin from seafood products.
  • Design and characterization of biodegradable, edible and/or active films.
  • Obtaining of bioactive peptides from fish discards.
  • Study on Anisakis: technological and culinary treatments to eliminate or reduce infestation and allergenicity in fish parasitized by Anisakis spp.
  • Engineering and processing postharvest technology in horticultural products.
  • Engineering of frigorific facilities for chilled and frozen storage of fruit and vegetable products.
  • Development of spectroscopic methods (FTIR, FT Raman, and LF NMR) for the evaluation of the thermal history of seafood products with the aim of applying them in quality management and authentication of processing conditions.

Research Group on Quality and Safety of Fishery and Aquaculture products (QUALIFISH)

  • Dra. Mercedes Careche Recacoechea 

Research Group on Meat and Meat Products (CARPROCAR)

  • Dr. José Carballo Santaolalla 
  • Dra. Susana Cofrades Barbero 

Research Group on Development, Valorisation and Innovation of Fish Products (INNOVAPESCA)

  • Dra. Pilar Montero García 
  • Dra. Carmen Gómez Guillén
  • Dra. Elvira López Caballero 
  • Dr. Oscar Martínez Álvarez 
  • Dra. Marta María Calvo Rodríguez

Research Group on Innovation in the Development, Characterization and Storage of Meat Products (INDMEAT)

  • Dra Claudia Ruiz-Capillas Pérez
  • Dra. Ana María Herrero Herranz
  • Ailén Alemán Pérez
  • Ignacio Jesús Escudero Abad
  • Joaquín Gómez Estaca
  • Tatiana Pintado del Campo
  • Isabel Sánchez Alonso
  • Carolina Pascual Silva
  • Cristina Fernández de la Vega
  • Sandra Ramos Rojas
  • Arancha Saiz Carrasco
  • Gonzalo Delgado Pando

The Department has scientific-technological capabilities to solve a wide range of sectorial issues and it also has the know-how in developing new products and the application of technological processes of interest to the Industry. The researchers have a well-built background and include microbiologists, chemists, veterinarians, biologists and engineers among its members. These skills are developed within the framework of research projects with national and international funds, and in active collaboration with research groups, leading to numerous publications in SCI journals with high impact. The Department also undertakes transfer of technology; in this sense, it develops numerous projects with several sectors of the industry to perform technological support work, leading to various patents, most of them licensed. In addition, the Department has a significant training capacity both of research and technical personnel, by the means of Doctoral Thesis and receiving national and international students in different programs: MFA, U. País Vasco, Escuela de la Vid, Escuela Javeriana, ALCYTA, etc. Most of the members of the Department also participate in courses, conferences and postgraduate university programs.

The Department collaborates with different platforms for the dissemination of the Science: attendance and presentation of papers at congress, dissemination of results -both specific and of general interest- in different sectors, participation in fairs and conferences (Semana de la Ciencia, etc.).

It should be noted further the internationalization of the Department through participation in international projects, COST actions, staff stays in international Centres, reception of foreign personnel, collaboration with foreign agencies to evaluate projects, participation in international conferences (WEFTA, TAFT, ICoMST , etc.), meetings of FAO and other organizations to protect interests of the Third World, and other specific multidisciplinary issues, etc.

Finally, in base of the above mentioned, the Department has an important analytical skills: microbiological, physical-chemical, technological, etc., some of which have led to patents being licensed.

Head of the Department

Dr. Joaquín Gómez Estaca