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NutriLecturas reading clubs arrive to their end

7 de June de 2021

Between February and May, ICTAN has hosted the reading clubs associated with the scientific dissemiantion project NutriLecturas, funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) and coordinated by Dr. Jara Pérez. This project, included on the topic “promotion of critical thinking”, aimed to increase knolwedge on food and nutrition among general public, as well as helping to identify fake news on this matter. In particular, seventy participants read four dissemination books written by researchers from CSIC (Drs. Mª del Carmen Cénit, Miguel Herrero, Mª Ángeles Martín, Marta Olivares,Yolanda Sanz y Marta Olivares) or Valencia Technical university (Dr. José Miguel Mulet) and attended later to the reading clubs led by ICTAN researchers specialized in the topic explored in each book (Drs. David Álvarez, Joaquín Gómez, Mª Elena Peñas, Sonia Ramos, Irene Romero y Mª Teresa Sánchez). At the ame time, seven public libraries from the city of Madrid and one from the region of Madrid organized exhibitions devoted to books on food and nutrition. In this way, the project, supported by ICTAN Unit of Scientific Culture, has shown how scientific dissemination books are a funny tool to learn about science.


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