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ICTAN researcher among the authors of the most cited article in the most prestigious journal of Nutrition

15 de April de 2021

Begoña Olmedilla-Alonso, from the Department of Metabolism and Nutrition, are among the authors of the article “A global perspective on carotenoids: metabolism, biotechnology and benefits for nutrition and health” published in Progress in Lipid Research. This magazine, with an impact factor of 15,083 in 2019, ranks first in the ranking of magazines in the category “Nutrition and Diet”. The work has already received 189 citations, more than double that of the second most cited work.
This article is the result of the network collaboration of several universities and CSIC centers within the framework of the Spanish Carotenoid Network (https://cared.cragenomica.es), which emerged from the Ibero-American Carotenoid Network (http://www.cyted.org/es/ibercarot). The authors are also members of the COST EUROCAROTEN Action (www.eurocaroten.eu).
Carotenoids are highly versatile compounds, with important functions in nature. In food they provide color and some are precursors of vitamin A. Their presence in the diet is related to a lower risk of suffering from various diseases. As they are essential in photosynthesis and precursors of hormones and signals in plants, their research will be key to facing the global challenge of producing more sustainable and healthy food.
Divulgative material:
Key compounds in nature https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQRixPkmC2I
Importance in food and applications https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gdk-e9-qUE
Comic: https://cared.cragenomica.es/en/outreach/

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El artículo más citado en Progress in Lipid Research

Most cited Progress in Lipid Research article

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