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Celebration of the International Course AECID-CSIC on nutritional labelling

18 de March de 2021

During March 1st-12th the online International Course “Food nutritional labelling. Towards an efficient combination of scientific evidence, food safety and consumer information” has been developed. This course, foreseen for March 2020 and delayed due to the sanitary situation, has been included in the programming of the AECID (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development) Formation centre in Montevideo. It has been organized by CSIC with Dr. Jara Pérez from ICTAN as coordinator and it is included in a wide and complete programming called “Food: opportunities and challenges in a global and sustainable context for Latin American and Caribe” (INTERCOONECTA Programme), coordinated by Dr. Elena Molina, from the Institute of Food Science Research (CIAL-CSIC).

During the course, speakers from several public institutions in Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina and Spain explored different hot topics in the field of nutritional labelling, such as front-of-package labelling or allergen identification. The activity has a total of 22 attendants from 15 different countries, all of them professionals in Latin America public bodies. It is expected that this course allows the development of new international collaborations as well as to advance in the adoption of systems of nutritional labelling based on scientific evidence.

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Contact: jara.perezarrobaictan.csic.es

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