Carotenides en agroalimentación y salud (book prepared by Ibercarot network).

The Ibero-American network for the study of carotenoids as functional foods ingredients (IBERCAROT) has published a comprehensive book in Spanish about the importance of carotenoids in agro-food and health.  Ibercarot is the germ of EUROCAROTEN, the European network to advance carotenoid research and applications in agro-food and health. Freely available at:

This book contains a table of composition of carotenoids in fruits and vegetables produced in Latin America. The compiled data were obtained by HPLC. It includes compounds of interest in food and human health, agriculture and biodiversity. Besides common products in the diet of the countries of the region, other wild or little used ones are included, in an attempt to contribute to the promotion and value local species and varieties.

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Portada del libro Carotenoides en agroalimentación y salud.
            Portada del libro Carotenoides