An investigation conducted by researchers from ICTAN is the cover at the Food & Function

Portada Food & Function (marzo 2017)

The research conducted jointly by the groups “Chemical Modifications in Processed Foods – CHEMPROFOOD”
and “Metabolism and Bioactivity of Phytochemicals – BIOCELL” of the Institute of Food Science and
Technology and Nutrition (TICAN) has been selected as the cover of the March issue of the scientific
publication Food and Function (Royal Society of Chemistry). The publication investigates on the protective
role of an olive leaf extract and its main bioactive constituent, hydroxytyrosol, against carbonyl stress and the
formation of advanced glycation products (AGEs). For the first time, it has been quantified in a cellular model
the extent of the inhibition of certain AGEs. AGEs are involved in the progression and aggravation of the
main chronic diseases of our society, such as diabetes type 2 and neurodegenerative diseases.
DOI: 10.1039/c6fo01738j!divAbstract

Contact: Dr. Francisco J. Morales (fjmoralesarrobalocalhost)

Food & Function cover
Food & Function cover