Publication of the book Las Legumbres (Legumes) of Catarata’s Popular Science Collection from CSIC

The book “Las Legumbres” (Legumes) of Catarata’s Popular Science Collection from CSIC has been launched on the eve of the Global Pulse day, 18th January 2017. More than 40 scientists from CSIC, Universities and renowned chefs have participated in the book coordinated by Drs. Alfonso Clemente and Antonio M. de Ron. This book, an outcome of the celebration of the International Pulse Year in 2016, joins together the effort of many research scientists from different fields of knowledge. On its pages, the essential role played by legumes on the development of a sustainable and enviroment friendly agriculture, as well as their fine nutritional advantages and contribution to health-promotion and food security are described.
It is a careful and attractive popular science volume which deals with different aspects of the pulse world. It consists of the Prologue and seven Chapters: 1.-Legumes in History. 2.- Legumes in cooking. 3.- Legumes in Spain. 4.- Legumes for a sustainable agriculture. 5.- Legumes and their nutritional value. 6.- Legumes in human health. 7.- Legumes in animal nutrition.
Among the co-authors there are several research scientists from Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología de Alimentos y Nutrición (Institute of Food Science, Technology and Nutrition, ICTAN-CSIC), Drs. Pilar Rupérez (Dept. Metabolism & Nutrition), Juana Frías, Cristina Martínez Villaluenga  and Elena Peñas (Dept. Characterization, Quality & Security), who have contributed to the book chapters 5 and 6.

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Book cover "Las Legumbres" (Legumes) of Catarata’s Popular Science Collection-CSIC
Book cover “Las Legumbres” (Legumes) of Catarata’s Popular Science Collection-CSIC