3rd Meeting for Young Researchers – Spanish Nutrition Society (SEÑ)

As it is already a tradition, the third edition of the Spanish Nutrition Society (SEÑ)’s Young Researchers’ Meeting was held in Sevilla at the School of Pharmacy, University of Seville on the last 4th March, 2015, as a FESNAD preconference activity. On this occasion we would like to acknowledge Dr. Olimpia Carreras working at the Department of Physiology at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Seville for her kind support in the organization of this event. This event was presented by Dr. Concepción Aguilera, who is the Scientific Secretary of the SEÑ.
The first edition of these meetings was held in 2013 and was organized by Belén Zapatera working for the Immunonutrition Research Group at the ICTAN at the CSIC in Madrid with Prof. Ascensión Marcos at the helm. Afterwards, this meeting was also organized in 2014 as the second edition in Pamplona, this time by Aurora Pérez Cornago and Leticia Goñi, leaded by Prof. Alfredo Martínez as a member of the organizing committee.
At these meetings, SEÑ’s young researchers present their PhD thesis or research projects’ results (in English), with the main goal of encouraging personal and scientific relationships.
As we mentioned before, this event binds to the last 3rd FESNAD Conference held in Sevilla and organized by Dr. Pedro Pablo García-Luna and Prof. Jordi Salas as his President. The Spanish Nutrition Society is one of the Spanish Nutrition Societies that belongs to FESNAD.



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3rd Meeting for Young Researchers - SEÑ, Sevilla 2015
3rd Meeting for Young Researchers – SEÑ, Sevilla 2015