Research Lines


The basic and applied research activities developed at ICTAN encompasses the design, development and evaluation of safe, high quality, convenient and healthy foods and food constituents that could promote the well-being of citizens, assessing the impact of dietary habits and foods on public health and consumers quality of life.

To fulfill the scientific objectives described at the Strategic Plan 2010-2013, ICTAN activities are designed according to the followingScientific Strategic Lines;

Line 1. Development and application of technological processes

Subline 1.1. Technological processes for foods and functional and traditional ingredients.

Subline 1.2. Biotechnology of lactic acid bacteria.


Line 2. Quality, safety and VALORIZATION of traditional and functional foods and ingredients.

Subline 2.1. Search for and application of bioactive compounds from agro-food surplus and by-products.

Subline 2.2. Interactions and modifications of food constituents.Biotic and abiotic quality and safety.

Subline 2.3. Design, recovery and innovation of safe, healthy and tailor-made fishery and aquaculture products

Subline 2.4. Meat and meat products: development of safe, high quality functional products.

Subline 2.5. Physiological and molecular characterization of vegetable products.


Line 3. Nutrition in the prevention and treatment of diseases

Subline 3.1. Bioavailability, bioactivity and physiological effects of foods and food constituents to improve quality of life.

Subline 3.2. Animal nutrition.Mechanismsof action and biological effects of foods and bioactive compounds.